Coronavirus Update


Why am I not going to the office for my appointment this month?

As a leader in the dental community, Carcara Orthodontics is committed to the health and safety of our patients, families, team, and the community at large. Due to the mandate of the state and local government as well as the recommendations of the CDC and dental governing organizations, our office will not be seeing patients for routine care at this time, but we are available on an emergency basis. This decision was not made lightly. We feel it is important to do our part to help “flatten the curve” and protect the communities we serve.

What should I do if I have a problem during this time?

We are here for you! Keep in mind that most common orthodontic “emergencies” can be managed at home with wax or a pair of cuticle scissors/nail clippers. On our website under “emergency care” and patient care videos we have directions on how to handle most issues that may arise. If you have any concerns – just call us, email us, or use the chat box in the lower right hand corner of our website so we can assist you!

Great News! We are open…..Virtually!

Our team is actively reaching out to every patient with an upcoming appointment to customize their course of action moving forward, which in some cases may include a virtual visit with Dr. Carcara. If you would like to check-in with Dr. Carcara - please use the pop-up on our homepage to schedule your virtual visit. We are committed to the health and happiness of all our patients and this is a new way that we can also keep your treatment on track!

What Does This Mean For Me?

More good news is that your braces/appliances continue to straighten your teeth. However, now more than ever, it is a good time to practice good oral hygiene and diet/habit restrictions. Please brush and floss thoroughly and maintain your dental health as we instructed. Be especially careful in avoiding foods that could damage your braces, and please always remember to wash your hands before placing and removing your aligners or elastics.

If You Are Wearing Braces Or An Appliance

  • Maintain excellent oral hygiene by brushing after meals and flossing daily
  • If you wear elastics, continue to do so as directed. If you are unsure of your bite or the need to continue elastics - please contact us or request a virtual appointment on our homepage
  • Remember to wash your hands before inserting or removing your elastics.
  • When our office reopens, we will be happy to perform any needed repairs

If You Are Wearing Aligners: 

  • Please make sure to keep wearing your current aligners as instructed for 22 hours per day.
  • If you no longer have aligners to wear, please call, text, or email us and let us know so we can advise you.
  • Keep your aligners clean and avoid all food/drinks other than water while wearing them.
  • Remember to wash your hands prior to removing or inserting your aligners.

I lost/broke my retainer/aligner – What to do?

Please contact us via the online chat on our homepage or email us at so that we can advise you.

What Should I Do If I Am Scheduled to Start Treatment Soon?

We are excited for all our patients to begin the life changing journey towards a beautiful new smile! We can’t wait to see you! As soon as we are back in the office, we will be ready to get you in and get you started.

When will my next appointment be rescheduled?

Once the state of New Jersey and the government authorities allow dental offices to resume seeing patients again for routine care, our team will be actively reaching out to every patient whose appointment was postponed to reschedule their appointment.

Questions? Contact Us!

We are still here for you! If you have any questions, comments or concerns, we want to answer those for you. Our team is here to serve you! Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!

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