Appointments and Scheduling

We carefully construct our schedule to provide you the opportunity to schedule your appointment at a convenient time. Therefore, the doctor’s time is reserved for specific procedures at designated times of the day in order to minimize waiting at the time of your appointment.

Although we make every attempt to stay on schedule, delays to the schedule may occur so that we may accommodate emergency situations and provide the best possible service to every patient. If you have discomfort or an emergency situation, every attempt will be made to see you as soon as possible.

Appointment Policies

We developed our appointment policies in an effort to provide all patients with scheduling options. We are committed to remaining on time while accommodating as many patients as possible. We reserve hours before and after work/school for short procedures to accommodate as many patients as possible during that time frame. These are short appointments such as appliance checks and adjustments. Longer procedures such as placing and removing braces and major repairs are generally scheduled during work or school hours. If you prefer to come in at a quieter time, we recommend an appointment between 9:00 AM and 2:30 PM.

Appointment Reminders

As an added courtesy, our automatic appointment confirmation system will call or email you a reminder of your upcoming appointment. However, as with all technology there may be times when the software does not function, or your line is busy. Therefore, it is your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time. Appointment confirmation calls are an added courtesy only. 


We value your time and make every effort to be on-time for our patients, therefore we ask you to extend the same courtesy to us. Doing so, provides us ample time to perform the necessary treatments and provide you sufficient time to ask your questions while remaining on-time for other patients.

Late for an appointment?

Sometimes patients are late for their appointment due to unforeseen circumstances. In fairness to other scheduled patients, we cannot jam late patients into the schedule. If you are late, please call and we will advise you as to whether we can accommodate you that day or whether you should reschedule for another day and/or time.


We realize that occasionally unforeseen circumstances can cause a conflict with your scheduled appointment and you must reschedule. If you cannot keep your appointment, please notify us immediately. We require 24 hours notice for a cancelled appointment. This courtesy makes it possible for us to give your appointment to another patient. An appointment that is not cancelled 24 hours in advance is considered a broken or missed appointment. Broken appointments can lead to extended treatment time. Cancel your appointment only if you have an emergency! Appointments are made four to 12 weeks in advance, therefore you may have a limited number of options when rescheduling. You must contact us within one week of your missed appointment to book another appointment to ensure continuity of care.

Clinical Excellence, Caring,
Cooperation, Comfort

Carcara Orthodontics is "committed to caring for your smile" by making quality treatment, patient satisfaction and personal comfort our priority. We summarize this commitment in the our values of Clinical Excellence, Caring, Cooperation, and Comfort.